• Corporate Production

  • Real Estate Virtual Tours

  • Virtual tours of new construction, modern or old, we can handle it all. Think about the idea of having a short video posted on the real estate’s website where a virtual walk through of a home is showcased. Every room and area of the home is viewable from one click on the website. We offer a professional stabilized walk through of the home where potential homeowners and buyers can see a first person view of what is being offered. With the power of an ariel drone, we are able to also offer ariel views of the home, the neighborhood, area of living, etc. Whether it is new construction, remodeling or demolition, we can accommodate all aspects. View our short films section under commercial to see some of our tours of homes and real estate. For more information, please call or email us anytime.

  • Promotional Stories (Promo About Us)

  • Promo visuals are the ideal way to show case your business and or company on your website. A great way to get your company name out there via the web. With the way technology is changing and how websites are the must have for any business, no one wants to read multiple long paragraphs that explain your business word for word, cut and dry. A visual story is the perfect way to explain and show off what you do and how you do it!

    These types of shorts typically range from 2-3mins. in length and tell the story of your business and or service. We storyboard out everything from how you got started to what you currently offer today along with focusing on showing off the product and or service in action. Lately we have been focusing on creating promos for local wedding professionals around CT. This gives their websites a bit of flare and class along with a professional visual look. Our stories all include on camera interaction, voice over production, music selection, and on location filming. Our promo stories range in price depending on your concept. Inquire with us for a concept and pricing quote.

    Formats include video files for posting on websites and blogs, DVDs, and online links for Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

  • 30 Sec. Marketing Advertisement

  • Corporate Functions & Charity Events

  • 30 second spots are perfect visual mediums for a website’s opening segment. Quick and right to the point, all you need is 30 seconds to briefly show and tell about your product or services offered. Inquire with us for more information and pricing.

  • Visual Instruction & Hands On Demonstration

  • Something we strive to relive and tell a story about. We love to showcase visually your corporate function and or charity event that you have spent so much time and effort arranging and planning for…all for a great cause! Check out our Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure charity event under the Corporate Films page to see what we are describing.

  • Seminar & Business Functions

  • Have a motion picture video showing a demonstration and instructional guide to your product and or service. These videos can range from 1-2 mins. to 3-5mins. depending on what message and subject you are trying to showcase. Perfect for posting on your website rather than have your clients or customers read paragraph after paragraph of instructions. A DVD can also be produced to include with your product or service as well. Contact us today for more information.

  • Have an upcoming business seminar, presentation, and or business talk to give in front of a live audience? If so, think about having it all recorded for demonstration and education purposes as well as a self archive. A great way to see and playback yourself as well as show online and or DVD to others who may have not attended the event. It also serves as a great medium to post on your website or blog. (This is not a streaming service.)

  • VHS to DVD Converting

  • (Email or call for pricing quote)

  • With the world of technology changing each and every day, our business strives to stay on top of the game. Like some, the change is slowly evolving and starting to move on up. We now offer the service of converting your VHS 8mm home movies and memories to state of the art media, DVDs. Digital Versatile Discs, DVDs are the media type that will save your wonderful and precious memories from fading away. We take your VHS 8mm tapes and convert them to a DV-NTSC format for playback on a DVD player, or computer for you to enjoy! Consider converting the wedding video, baby’s first steps, first birthday, or anything to DVD.