Q: Will my wedding be filmed in High Definition? 
A: Absolutely! Nothing less! Filming is done with Canon Professional Cinema gear.

Q: Do you contract by hour for coverage? 
A: Coverage is not done by hour. We film as much as we feel is enough to tell your cinematic wedding story from start to finish.

Q: How long does it take for myself to obtain our video? 
A: We don’t have a specified turn around date as we work on all weddings in the order to which they were filmed to only be fair. What we can tell you is that your film will be delivered in a reasonable amount of time and NOT one of those horror stories of “we received our film a year later” type of ordeals!

Q: How do you adapt to a new venue in which you may have never been to before? 
A: If your wedding ceremony or reception is being held at a venue or church in which we have never been to, a location scout out takes place way in advance before the actual wedding date to assure we become familiar with the area. You can be sure we will be ready and prepared for the big day!

Q: Do you offer wedding photography? 
A: We do not do any photography but do work with a bunch of amazing, talented artists all around Connecticut. If interested, let us know and we will be glad to recommend anyone of our friends!

Q: Do you carry insurance?
A: Yes. We have liability insurance and can provide a copy if your venue requires a copy to be on file.

Q: Do we as a couple select the soundtrack or do you? 
A: We are always open to any input from our couples, but 99% of our couples trust our judgement and the selection of licensed soundtracks selected from numerous online websites that we belong to. Select Music Library, The Music Bed, and Triple Scoop Music are just a few to name.

Q: Do we receive the rights to our wedding films? 
A: Yes, together both our couples and MV Films own the rights to the films for both sharing online and at one to one meetings with potential new couples. This is discussed at all bridal meetings and again during a contract signing. 


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